I am a certified Holotropic Breathwork® facilitator with Grof Transpersonal Training (USA) 

To book an individual Holotropic Breathwork® session please send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or a text to mobile: 0422989551.

Fees for an individual Breathwork session/journey are $100 per hour.

IMG 8737 13 Breathwork can be a very powerful method to explore your inner landscapes, including unexplored territories in your inner world, psyche & body. It is important to please keep this in mind when deciding to book an individual Breathwork session.

For a Holotropic Breathwork® session you need to book four hours, where longer durations can be arranged if needed. You will be supported to continue the integration phase, including a Mandala drawing when returning home.

*Holotropic Breathwork® is a specific ‘set and setting’. Please go to the resource tab and click Holotropic Breathwork® for more information. There are some physical and psychological conditions that are considered contraindications in Holotropic Breathwork® Please chek the list before booking.

The Breathwork process:
The process itself uses very simple means: it combines accelerated breathing with evocative music in a special ‘set and setting’ depending on the style of Breathwork modality that you are called to explore. After a chat and preparation, you will be guided to get comfortable on the mat, using your breath and the music in the room to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This state activates the natural inner healing process of the individual’s psyche, bringing the seeker a particular set of internal experiences.
With the inner healing intelligence guiding the process, the quality and content brought forth is unique to each person and for that time and place. While recurring themes are common, no two sessions are ever the same.
Breathwork sessions are helpful for people seeking expanded states of consciousness in a natural way, through a safe and supportive environment.

Breathwork can also offer a deepening of self-awareness, relieving physical tension or emotional pain, or if you are simply feeling a little lost, it can support an opening of creative channels & flow, deepening connection with the inner divine, as well as supporting the thriving of the authentic self.

Many individuals have shared that Breathwork can offer what talk therapy can’t - ‘feel it & heal it’ as the wise say. Many have experienced over time with Breathwork a reduction in the frequency and persistence of issues such as anxiety, phobias, depression, and panic attacks.

The Breathwork process can offer much support for the body, mind and spirit for individuals that are preparing or that are integrating from Medicine /Psychedelic work/therapy. Please get in contact with any enquires.

Thank you,
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"So what happens in a Holotropic state is that your symptoms will typically get temporarily activated and then you move through them and beyond them, which is different from what we do in current psychiatry when we try to find means of suppressing symptoms. ... So you connect to something that’s like a self-healing intelligence. It not only identifies the problems, but it starts bringing them automatically to the surface for processing and you work with the material as it is coming." Stanislav Grof, in the class Psychology of the Future,

Holotropic Breathwork™ is a technique of self-exploration that utilizes the healing power of deep breathing, evocative music, focused bodywork, and mandala drawing to enter holotropic "moving toward wholeness" states of consciousness. Following in the tradition of the shamanic practices, rites of passage and mystery religions of preindustrial and non-Western cultures, we create a supportive and caring space in which participants' own inner healer can select the most relevant material and bring it up for processing. These sessions are helpful for people seeking relief from physical tension or emotional pain, an opening of creative channels, or a deepened connection with the inner Divine.


Holotropic Breathwork™ Medical Form

If you wish to take part in an Individual or Holotropic Breathwork™ session you will need to complete our medical form.

Medical Form Downloads
pdfMedical Form in PDF Format
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Holotropic Breathwork™ Liability Agreement

You will also need to fillout a Holotropic Breathwork™ Liability Agreement.



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