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Free phone meditation app Insight Timer

Tara Brach RAIN: Recognise, Allow, Investigate, Nurture

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)  

Holotropic Breathwork  

GTT Holotropic Breathwork

2 min on Stan Grof: Researcher, Author, Teacher & Visionary.

Grof Transpersonal Training: Holotropic Breathwork Schedule

Dr. Stan Grof Website

Online Holotropic Breathwork Community

Diana Medina sharing her Holotropic Breathwork experience

Legacy of Wisdom - Stan Grof - Inner Healer

Youtube: The many benefits of Holotropic Breathwork with Dr. Dani

2018 great Interview with Stan Grof 4.500 LSD sessions & beyond - first 10 min ads! Before it starts

Healing Potential of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness - Conversation with Stanislav Grof

Stan Grof & Albert Hofmann 

Music for Holotropic Breathwork


Archetypal Astrological Foresasts & Readings

Renn Butler Holotropic and Archetypal Astrology

Stelz Matthew Stelzner

Renn Butler: Pathways to Wholeness

Richard Tarnas Archetypal Cosmology & Deep History

Stan Grof & Richard Tarnas: Archetypal Astrology

Richard Tarnas: The value of Astrology


Brene Brown 

Brene Brown - I recommend all her books & Audios

Brene Brown Courageworks: Online Learning Community

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability TED Talk

Brene Brown 'Rising Strong' Trailer


Mindful Living:

Dan Sigel Mindsight Institute 

Kristin Neff: With self compassion, we give ourselves the same kindness & care we would give a good friend.

Mindful- Taking the time for what matters...

Jack Kornfield Mindful meditations & books

HealthJourneys: Resources for Mind, Body & Spirit


More Links to Explore: 

The story of Transpersonal Psychology Science of the Soul

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies MAPS

Sean Blackwell: Is it Bipolar Disorder or a Spiritual Awakening

CRAZYWISE Film Trailer

12 Things You Should Know About Holotropic Breathwork™ by Martin Boroson

Gabor Mate: Attachment, Disease & Addiction

The Hungry Ghost inside Us

International Spiritual Emergence Network

Spiritual Emergence Network: What is Spiritual Emergence and more

Kundalini Research Network- International group of physicians, psychologists, researchers - collaborating on Kundalini research

Bruce Lipton Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit.


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